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#209840 - Baby's a naughty little boy, she said, as she rubbed up and down the shaft of his thick pecker, it's time for Momma to suck baby!! Sandra then unzipped Tom's pants, slipped her small hand into his open fly, and pulled out his engorged organ! He had never felt such a delicate touch as the one this huge titted pussy was now doing to his straining cock! Because of the massiveness of her chest, Sandra was able to lean over and take his prick into her mouth and not even pull the nipple from his lips! As delicate as were her fingers, her mouth was another story! She became a bitch in heat as she deep throated his entire shaft as both of them groaned while they sucked each other, he on her huge nipple, and she on his eight inches of blue steel! The mutual suckfest went on for about five minutes when Tom's balls tightened up and his cock shot a load of hot jism into Sandra's hungry mouth, while at the same time Sandra was having her own orgasm simply from the in

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