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#238009 - I nervously knocked on the door of flat one slid the rabbit into my man-pussy and began fucking myself the door was answered by a 50ish year old woman who immediately slammed the door shut, l removed the rabbit from my pussy and went to Martha’s door knocked twice and waited for her to answer the door, she asked if l had locked myself out again, l told her no, but l needed her to stand in the corridor, she stepped from her door way l put my arms around her neck as if to cuddle her and started pissing on her, Martha didn’t realise what l was doing till it was too late and became angry, she slapped my face and went into her flat. When we arrived at the dogging spot Jeremy parked the far side of the carpark so to watch me walk to the beach huts that were along the promenade there were a few guy stood between the huts and some sat in their cars, l could feel their eyes burning into me. She reached under the mattress pulled out a vibrator and switched it on then passed it to me, l told

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Junpei shibayama
I want to be between those legs licking her