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#467381 - He got a good rhythm going, long deep strokes that did the trick, my anal orgasm rang out, as Lyn sucked my cock, Al, then started going faster, I let him keep this up for awhile then said, slow down and let Lyn fist me and you fuck me, his eyes were wide, as he pulled out, I took some poppers and Lyn's fist went in past her wrist, then we told him to push his cock back in, he eased it in slowly, it was tight, but once in he picked up the pace again, I had several good orgasm, then I felt him shudder and squirt his cum deep in my ass, Lyn played with his cock as he slowly pulled it out. Sue was showing signs of exhaustion, as her orgasm gripped us tight, but with less movement from her, then he too filled her ass with another hot load, this time I held him squeezing his cock to get the last of his cum from him. I asked did they invite him for more fun tonight, both nodded a yes, so more cocks to keep them happy, after some light food, we had a few drinks to relax until the guy

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