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#17082 - A few moments later Ayame and Rikimarue see what looks like a knife appearing out of thin air and then the knife starts cutting the air itself downwards, the knife vanishes and a large red circle appears and from that large red circle a Man steps through, the red circle closes behind him. Merik tells Rikimarue that anyone can use the dark arts but because all Taimanin already have demonic blood in their veins it will be much easier for Rikimarue to harness and manipulate dark energy, and he teaches Rikimarue how to tap into the infinte energies from all the dark dimensions. There's another problem, Rikimarue is a highly skilled Taimanin who trains other Taimanin in armed and hand to hand combat, even if Ayame could escape her restraints she would have to fight him.

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