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#362355 - When he realised that I stayed so far away from the drag, he began to pry further, he asked for my phone and checked my calls list and text messages, he then dialled a number from my phone, his own phone rang and when it did he cancelled the call, he then saved my number in to his phone. “I hope I get to find out soon. “None!” “So are you rent?, or just cruising?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about” “Listen son, unless you want to spend the weekend in the cells, you had better tell me the truth, both you and I know you are not down here to meet any mate, “You’re over here either looking for punters, or to meet other gay guys.

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Mikage kiryuu
Love her asshole
Love that nail polish
Toru acura
Fuckin amazing
Kizuna aikawa
You are so hoooot