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#407083 - What if she woke up and felt my cock in her hand? Would she be shocked? Would she get angry? How is it that Jen, who had no thoughts of me as a boyfriend or lover when I arrived, had spent a day teaching me to have sex, and Collette, who was suggesting marriage in six years and actually initiated the first real kiss we shared, is wanting to take it so slowly and not sure she's ready to go further with me yet? And if we're not ready to go further, why does she pull me into her bed with her every night? Why does she kiss me so deep and run her hands through my hair? It seemed really backwards. I said, not turning around, acting as though I was completely mesmerized by the highly complex task cutting a bagel in two. I stood up from the table and took a step toward her, then leaned over and took Jen's cheeks in my hands, then placed a big kiss on her mouth.

Read Women Sucking [アリモン] 試しにエッチしてみるまふゆ8-10 (プロセカ)(Chinese) - Project sekai Sextoys 試しにエッチしてみるまふゆ8-10(Chinese)

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