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#97562 - Sure enough we eventually turned into the driveway of the posh hotel where Jenny parked in a staff only area and hopped out “come on Quick I’m gagging for it” she laughed and linked arms with me, leaned into me and kissed my cheek, sniffed and commented on my wearing of Cacharel after shave, “It’s all I ever wear now” I said and she replied a simple “Good it so suits you” and hustled me through a back entrance and into the hotel, “Stay here I need to get something” and off she went returning moments later clutching a bottle of Malt whiskey, “I stole it from the bar” is all she said laughing as she hustled me through a passageway to a door which she used a key to open and in we rushed, it was bigger than a normal suite and looked more lived in “home sweet home” she said, I looked around at the decorations and pictures and indeed it was a home not a hotel room, “Grandpa owns the hotel, so I work here helping out whilst not at university, I live here too most of the time” she added matter

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Reimi sugimoto
Mmm i love this and of course how you look in yoga attire
El sexo lesbico es lo mejor de lo mejor
Beautiful guy