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#56850 - !!! I need the money, Glenna replied, but I want you to know I don't have a perfect body by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I have a few sags here and there, and my breasts aren't what they once were either!!! Nodding his head, Carl replied, That is exactly what muy client wants, the grand motherly type who is all woman and oozes sensuality, not some plastic little girl who's all silicone and hair spray!!! With a short laugh Glenna shot back, Well, I'm certainly not that!!! All right then he said let's get started!!! I've never done this before, Glenna offered, are you sure that your customer wants a sixty year old has been!?! You look just fine, baby, Carl said soothingly, okay now, lean over a little and let me see some of that cleavage spilling out of your bra!!! Oh, wow, he enthused, what size bra do you wear, you're really huge!?! Uh, 42dd, she replied softly, do they look too big?!? Are you kidding, he repl

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