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#162083 - Jack growled, leting us know he was cumming, my body shook as he let his doggy seed loose, the feeling of the cum flooding my bowels, and the heat set off another good orgasm, we both grunted loudly, I flopped down, his knot held firm keeping his cum inside me. I asked Tony if he was ok with more kink, he said yes, so walking out side, I knelt down, and told them to empty thier bladders over me and wash the dog cum from me, most stood in silence, but one moved in, his piss washing over me, I moved to drink some, then a second stream, followed quickly by more, soon I was soaked in urine, as they all joined in, Tony also let fly his piss going over my face and mouth, another way for us to have fun. By the end of the night all the guys had filled me more than once with thier cum, and Jack got to fuck me a third time, from what I was told around 15 guys had turned up, so not a bad effort, I had been double fisted and double fucked more than a few times too.

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Kukaku shiba
I fuck you
Mikaze honjou
I believe her name is laruna mave