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#345097 - The night it's all happened it was on a Christmas Eve and we all met up for a drink at the local pub this girl who turned up was wearing the shortest dress you can imagine ! Having several drinks inside me I was getting brave in flirting with Gemma and noticing she was winding me up bending over the pool table. Gemma stopped sucking my cock and sat on it Kelly turned around and sat on my face again they stared kissing ! Girls play After the girls had there fun with me they push me off the bed so they could have a play I sat in the corner watching them suck lick and fuck each other Bess came over to me and stared to lick my face ! I pushed her away because of Gemma and Kelly playing (hahaha) Two girls fucking is out of this world Bess and me I went to get a beer I walked back into the bed room Kelly was on all fours with bob fuck the life out of her Gemma was on the bed as well with Bess eating her she asked me to play with Bess as she eats her out ! I wen

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