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#124651 - Abut 40 minutes later storm and fell out of me and Steve thank us both and promised he would tell anyone, so we went home ad talked and the day before bed, Steve starting coming around a lot so me and Sam would fuck him as much as we could and sometimes he would bring storm. Oh yes Kim said as she grabbed Sam by the hand and took her outside, I fellow walked through the back door onto the veranda and a big ran up to the girls sniffed the air must have been able to smell Sam’s wet pussy and shoved his head into her crotch Sam kind of half turned to look at my shriving and shaking I could tell by the look on her face she was nearly cumin, he likes you Kim said, just than I voice missy what are you doing here, it was Kim’s older brother Steven, he was sitting there in his boxers reading the paper, Steven was tall dark hair hot and spent a lot of time I the gym hot had a really muscular build and we went to school together and yeah if you couldn’t tell he made me wet and very hot plus I

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