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#197923 - Once in a great while one of them would find someone else to bring to the party, and today Ernie had scored big!!! In this game of suck the cock, younger was always better as they had the firm delectable bodies seniors could only dream about!!! Martin continued with his questioning of Andy with, Are you bi or gay? Bi, Andy quickly replied, but I prefer males !!! Martin stood up, walked over to Andy, opened his fly, and asked, Could you please suck me, dear?!? As usual, Martin had forsaken his shorts, and now his thick rod bobbed gently just inches from his face!!! Andy merely had to lean forward to take the hard pecker into his warm wet mouth!!! Martin groaned as the talented cocksucker did his erection, and moaned to Ernie, God, he's sucking me just the way I like it, mostly my head, but he does my shaft too!!!” Martin’s cock was reaching a crescendo, and he rolled his eyes towards Ernie and ordered, Take off your pants and let me see your big pecker!!! Ernie didn&#

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Hazuki shimada
How about those spicy nuggets
Mikoto utsugi
I will eat up the one in pink
1 it s on the container 2 just look it up
Wow steroids really do make your balls small