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#340429 - hey jake wake up man i herd kyle almost shout at me and if your wondering kyle is a friend of mine ive known him ever since my parents died halo jake wake up man its time to go i slowly opend my eyes realising the class room was empty apart from me and kyle i looked to my left seeing kyle sitting on the desk next to me waky waky bro you must of slept through the hole class whats a matter havent you had much sleep lately you look exausted kyle said putting his hand on my shoulder well atleast i dont look as bad as you i replied with a smirk haha yeah you wish bro anyway are you comming to my party tonight you have to man theres gonna be hot girls there and i mean hot like youve never seen and you look like you need to loosen up seems like you havent slept in a year kyle said standing up it feels like it and i cant i have to work tonight so im kind of tighed up at the moment i replied realising how late it must of been so i quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out my

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