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#131054 - ” She smirked chewing her lip as she took a half step forward, pushing his back to the wall and crowding him in, stuck between the cool hard tiles and her soft warm body, “It’ll be difficult to start with but in a few days, and the years after that you’ll love it, you’ll become a real slut for my cock…” She bit her lip and pulled his hand from her cock, guiding her length instead with her own hand between his soft thighs, moaning softly as she did so, feeling it press up under him, his small balls and cock resting on top of her length, displaying her superiority, “You’ll love it, trust me…” He didn’t trust her, but he didn’t have any other options either. “Y-yes…” He admitted, feeling a little shiver go down his spine and a definite tightening of his pants. ” She waited for her words to sink in, something that seemingly took a while as it was a full minute before he spoke, his voice quivering.

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