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#370859 - They went to bed and Luke climbed in beside her naked he could not belief his luck. Phil said yes I wish I could use her more often Leo said I can drop her off from time to time if you wish, then he took her home, Luke was waiting and when he saw the tattoo he could not belief it and thanked Leo for letting him have her, Leo said she will always be mine but while you are here you will take care of her and use her as you wish, Jake and I will continue to hire her out. The dad had her sit beside him and told her she was beautiful and did need to be owned by anybody, she told him it was her choice her husband signed a contract with her owner Leo for her to be a full time sex slave and she enjoyed the lifestyle, he asked her how long she intended to do it and she said I will forty next so it depends on whether Leo releases me sometime or sells me to a new owner, or he may let Luke keep me if wants but he is so much younger he might not want me.

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Thank u for this hentai really hot love to watch it with my husband whats camera do u use
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Sharing your wife on benefit basis