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#133707 - The guys now seemed to be more content on leaving, kissing the girls one last time, now the girls headed for bed, Lyn sleeping with me, once in bed she knelt up, wanting my fists in her ass and pussy, they slide in easy, as I worked her up to a huge orgasm, my cock started to respond to her groans of bliss. It was smiles all round when we told the girls, they all went off to the toilet for extra attention to detail, we got things set up, Rick seemed a bit on edge about Sue being fucked by so many, I told him, he or she only has to say 'enough' and we will make sure that the guys leave her alone, but more likely the guys would be crying wolf before Sue gave up. Now they cuddled one another tears of joy and pain in their eyes, as both were slowly lifted up and down fully causing orgasms to ring out louder than ever, my arms pinned under them both, Lyn still riding my cock, took my last load of cum for the night, Rick and Lou hugged their woman as Lyn brought my cum up for

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