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#304733 - Gretchen was still going through a orgasm when I stood, leaving my fingers in her cunt, then with one swift move swapped them for my cock, Gretchen gave me one of those fuck me looks so without hesitation, I started to pound her into the seat, Lyn still in a 69 with Lou, looked over to see us in action, Lou also took time out from licking Lyn to see Gretchen going wild, that was all it took,Lou swung around, his cock finding Lyn's cunt ready for him, went in balls deep. Sue stopped riding Rick's cock, and stood next to Gretchen, as Lou moved up, I told her to take another good sniff, she did a couple of good sniffs, with my cock fully home, I felt Lou begin to enter her ass, as more went in Gretchen groaned long and loud, her body shaking with pleasure, then Lou told her he was fully in and started to fuck her in earnest, my cock getting the feeling though the thin inner wall. My cock was standing proud, Lou enjoying Lyn's attention to his man hood, I moved gently towards Gretc

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