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#223830 - Lynda fell onto the bed l peeled her knickers down her legs and raised them into the air then buried my head between them spread her creased moist pussy lips with my fingers and licked between them just as if l was licking a soft ice-cream, she held her breath, l kissed her clitoris causing Lyn to let out a muffled cry. I began fucking my art teacher in a slow rhythmic pace building up to a speed that caused Lyn to squeal and wrap her legs around my waist, l cried “lm cuming” and sent a full sticky load from my balls to my urethral opening that exploded inside Lyn’s womb, l gave another hard thrust of my cock into her silky smooth hole sending an additional spurt of spunk that splattered her inside, we stay locked as one, our climax slowly subsiding. Julia was parked at the usual spot, l got into the car and asked where were we going she winked and replied it’s a surprise, where ever it was we drove a fairway into the country.

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Rana linchen
Girl in the blue was great
Ash ketchum
Any more of this goddess
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Nice body
Colette brunel
For the culture
Kei tsukishima
Too much breathing from the guy hard to focus