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#176182 - Harmon, Sierra Clark replied quickly, sometimes too much of a good thing is just as bad as not enough!!! Both Sydney sat in rapt silence while the doctor struck a single wooden match and carefully ignited the little candle!!! Okay, just breath normally and act normally, the doctor commanded while sitting back down in her chair, it will take a good five minutes before you have a reaction!!! The room turned deathly quiet as all three of them stared into the flickering flame while a pungent sweet aroma permeated the office like a thick blanket, until almost after exactly five minutes Sydney began squirming uncomfortably in her seat while unconsciously caressing her breasts through her sweater!!! Dr. Clark also began fidgeting around on her seat while her breathing became more labored as the affects of the burning candle overtook her, and while neither of the woman had noticed, Ethan's penis was expanding rapidly inside of his pants and shorts!!! How do you feel, the doct

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