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#61387 - Kathy told Martha all about our lovemaking session. Martha asked, “Are you going to fuck us?” I said, “No! Not now!” Kathy asked, “Why? Aren’t we sexy enough for you?” I asked, “Where did you get that idea?” Martha said, “From Theresa and Stacy! They said that you fucked them because they were so pretty!” I said, “Well I fucked them so that your father would pay me what he owes!” Kathy said, “When he pays you in the morning will you fuck us?” I asked, “Why?” Martha said, “Because you took Stacy’s and Theresa’s virginity and we want you to take ours too! Mommy said that it would give us all something in common and something to remember you by!” I told them that I would think about it. The girls said that they had made out all night long last night but had closed daddy’s door so he couldn’t watch.

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