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#165857 - By the way we forgot to finish our conversation from last time”, “Oh yeah we were talking about fantasies and It was my turn” I looked up and saw her a little flushed as she started talking slightly licking her lips “ Well actually I’ve been having this fantasy that you might find strange” , “ No of course not why would I !?” “Well its about me with… well with another woman”. Stacey and I kneeled and I unzipped his pants hungry for his dick “oh my someone’s a big boy!” I pulled out his 9 inch hard dick and started licking the head slowly pleased to hear him moan “ yess oh yess lick me you ho lick me ahh suck me bitch” Stacey was in the mean time licking his balls and sucking them getting him to moan louder and become harder and then I did what I had refused to do to all my boyfriends I put his penis in my mouth but almost shocked, but then I pulled out and tried again until he was holding my head and fucking my mouth taking me to the edge of ecstasy he then pulled out and slammed me o

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Riko saikawa
I love these vids because you look exactly like this guy i work with and have a huge crush on girl can dream whew y all have the best chemistry gd