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#24107 - As i was stroking my cock I could feel the stirring in my balls I jumped up off my bed and ran into my en suite just in time to blow my load all over the shower wall my knees gave way after the third squirt as the strongest orgasm I've had since before my wife passed away rippled through my body I showered and went to bed I was out cold before my head hit the pillow. As I kissed and rolled over on to my back Amy shot up looked at my cock with a wicked smile and said your turn daddy as she grabbed my cock put her head down and started to lick my shaft from the base up to the tip then taking the head in her mouth working her tongue around as she took a little more in her mouth repeating this several times taking a little more in every time. I saw the look of pure glee grow on her face as she scanned the room in front of her.

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