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#134646 - After what seemed an eternity she rose off the bed and finally spoke to me “that was fuckin’ fantastic, I knew I was missing out on something, my name is Jenny by the way, I know who you are”, my cock was lying limply across my leg still leaking a little, Jenny began chatting about nothing in particular until finally she asked if there was any chance that she could have “seconds” to which I replied that she was welcome to try, she dipped her head back to my still soft cock and slipped it into her mouth, gently sucking me back to hardness, when I regained a full erection she positioned herself so that I could mount her doggie fashion, this time my cock slipped home quite easily and I began to ride her with long slow strokes, I started to finger her butt hole and she just sighed her approval as my finger gently moved in and out of her anus, I continued to work my cock into her until she clamped her thighs and came onto my cock, I thought about trying to get my cock into her ass hole, but

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