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#131468 - She says as I noticed she was parked infront of my aunts house I will mom aren't you getting out the car mom? I ask as I open the door No sweetie I have to hurry back and get all my paperwork let your aunt know I'll call her in a bit she leans over and kisses me on the cheek I will momI answer as I get out with my medium size backpack with all my stuff I begin walking towards the door as a give one last wave to my mom before getting to the door, (Knock knock) Hey aunts it's me James I begin knocking on the door Coming aunt Rachel answers back, I could hear her heel clack as she begins getting closer to the door (Aunt Rachel opens the door) Oh James look at you; you look so big and handsome she says rushing towards be big her arms extended out bringing me in close for a hug. Jessica has to be the closes cousin I have in this wacky family of mine and to tell the truth I wouldn't have it any other way different than my aunt her skin was a naturally paler tone with few cute fre

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