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#227915 - I raised my head to see if Sam was ok Storm had jumped up between her thighs and had his legs on the hay bail one either said of her hips and fucking her lifeless body, she just laid there panting lifeless, he fucked and fucked and humped and thrust I didn’t think he would ever stop, he was I lot bigger and heaver than the Sheppard so he couldn’t really fuck very fast, big he looked huge fucking my little sister’s tiny body I saw his knot sink into her, she jumped up with a pained look on her face and started trying to pull away from him, he just tightened his grip and lower down the hay bail, she was now sitting on the edge of the hay bail with her head rest on his big muscular shoulders, and he was driving it home, Sam had yet another orgasm and she started thrusting her hips to met his thrust and started panting time with him and than he throw his head back and howl and he spray his doggie cum into her which gave her another orgasm and she panted faster and faster and her stomach go

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