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#175362 - PROLOGUE from part one: Audra Cornell, a fiftyish matron, has invited Kristin, an eighteen year old, to spend the weekend with her pretending that she's her young daughter!!! Looking much younger than her years, Kristin is treated like a little girl and sexually played with by the older woman!!! Our story takes up with them in bed on Saturday morning after a good night's sleep!!! Good morning, dear, Audra cooed while guiding her large nipple into Kristin's mouth, how did my little one sleep last night!?! Oh good, mommy, the young girl sighed, mmmm, I'm so hungry!!! That's a good girl, suck mommy's nipple, mmmmm, you're such a good little girl, Audra said softly while caressing Kristin up and down her body, do you want to play outside today or just stay inside, honey!?! I'd much rather stay indoors and play with you mommy, Kristin said while licking the fat nipple, but I have to go pee so bad, could you help me go to the potty, momm

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Rangiku matsumoto
Wow so intense that would be the perfect day if you ask me
Ayaka yukihiro
They don t
Nabiki tendo
Thank you
Shinya kougami
His white socks are so hot
Shinichi sakurai
I would always be making so much noise when i was sucking any of the other guys dick i sounded like i was making love to it lol john said that he had been talking about the last two i was sucking until i was making him not want to get my pussy