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#250110 - So after we met I introduced her to these things I pleasured her with oral sex bring her to many orgasms , taught her how to suck my dick she has become a deep throat specialist although she still to this day does not like to have a man come in her throat she will do it for me on special occasions though. After we calmed down we watched the video believe it or not the video picked up most of the voice from down stairs and you could even hear when Toni was giving him a blow job the slurping and sucking along with his moaning and both the talking . The next thing I did was buy a mini tape recorder and had her tape any fantasies that came to her through out the day,I wanted to get her used to it for the next step ,I asked her to seduce the pizza delivery guy and I set up the video camera in the closet of our room and asked her to turn on the mini cassette tape for down stairs so I could hear what had transpired .

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