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#45458 - , and a slow song came on, we both just gave each other a questioning look, and smiled, moving into each other’s arms and began to slow dance, I of course let my hand slide from the small of her back, down to her sexy ass, and to her hip bone, giving a gentle squeeze, and she in turn lowered her hands to my ass, pulling us together tighter, and we started slowly grinding our hips together, she of course could feel my semi hard cock, and was in turn grinding up against it as she whispered in my ear that she would love to take me home, I looked at her and told her I would love that too!!! She looked at me, smiled, and then said she’d have to ask her husband first, it was a test, and without missing a beat, simply replied, “wow, you’re lucky to have such an understanding husband”. This went on for hours, I had totally lost track of time, taking turns between fucking her pussy and enjoying her oral talents, it began getting daylight outside, we were all pretty worn out, but all feeling

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