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#285236 - Tina managed to swallow most of it but a small trickle started to dribble out of the side of her mouth, down her chin and onto her T shirt. Once lying down I eased myself off her body and onto my elbow as I grabbed the outside of her left thigh and eased it apart so I was lying in between her legs. All the while still on her knees, Tina then bobbed her head and taking my cock in her right hand stuck her tongue out and began to lick up and down the whole length of mu cock, paying particular attention to the head of my cock and swirling her tongue around it before engulfing my cock in her mouth and wrapping her lips tightly round it bobbed her head up and down it.

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Akihito kanbara
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Erica blandelli
Wish i knew her name and where to find that booth so i could get a chance
Azusa miura
My favorite couple