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#251054 - then light moans, and finally a huge cry of pain, surprise and wonderment as Jake slowly plunges his 8-inch member inside her, inch by thickening inch! AAAAHHHHHAAAAAA!!! Stacy cries, as the other guys watching applaud and give props to Jake, who leans his body on hers, reaching around to hold onto and fondle her adorable B-cups as he slowly, luxuriously begins fucking her tight Vietnamese ass! Jake's panting breath is hot in Stacy's ear, and it's not long before she unconsciously, obediently synchs her breathing to match his rhythm as his thick white cock completely spreads and fills her tight asshole. They walk hand-in-hand out to her van, which some of the frat boys have painted a new color and switched license plates on, so no one will know it was ever hers. He lays a short, sharp smack on her ass and--like a well-trained pet--Stacy automatically hoists her tight little butt in the air, presenting.

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