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#225433 - She smiled and with an odd flick of the wrist managed to flick the bottle cap off with a very well practised motion. The cold had long since seeped so far into him the only thing that kept him from running to find somewhere warm was the fear that, should he leave his spot, he’d return to find it taken and his chance of seeing her, Athena, gone forever. “Yeah look into the camera baby, you look so good with a cock in your mouth, does it taste good?” Slowly he dragged his tongue up the underside of her shaft, as if noticing the taste for the first time, it wasn’t musky or nasty like he had thought sucking cock would be like, but he could certainly taste a light saltiness and a unique flavour, a mix he thought of her sweat from her show and the bead of pre he had seen before he had taken it into his mouth.

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