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#257330 - Zack was now laughing while Kyle was on the verge of panic, he reached for his boxers but just then Zack came over to him and went down on his knees, Kyle's eyes widen while was stepping away but Zack grabbed him and pulled him back towards him and engulfed almost his whole cock in his mouth, his legs weakened abit and he dropped back down in the chair moaning as they looked down and up at each other. Kyle scooped up the cum with two fingers and lowered them to his ass and began to finger himself slowly making his cock grow hard again as it laid against his stomach, Mmmmm. That same night, after he got dressed they looked at more porn and Kyle went down on Zack and got a taste of another guy's cum for the first time and his words were, Yours isn't so bad either they both laughed and lied around watching TV until Zack left later.

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Lana mi amor
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Velho broxa da porra
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Nowww look at that booty
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I like the color she s wearing