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#112443 - Hermione entered the Defence Against The Dark Arts room to surprisingly find Mr Lupin gathering up his belongings Hermoine Professor Lupin announced Hermoine was glad to see Lupin was ok after the events of the night before Hermoine began to ask if he was ok Im fine but i am resigning its the best thing to do interrupted Lupin Hermoine hugged Lupin in return Lupin breathed in heavily as the scent of her beautifully conditioned hair filled his nose , Hermoine almost forgot she handed her mid term papers to Lupin explaining she would've handed it in earlier but with the whole werewolf thing she was delayed Lupin looked at Hermoine explaining that he already sent the papers out , Hermoine begged Lupin to get an owl to deliver her midterm and she will do whatever it takes , Lupin looked at Hermoine in smirked and looked Hermoinie up and down Hermoine knew what Lupin wanted she sighed deep and let loose her cloak and unbuttoned her shirt exposing her boobs to Lupin he r

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