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#247057 - You pull me up to my feet and unbind them you then lift me up using one hand you part my legs I kick you away from me as you place me over a 2’4’ that you have suspended by the ceiling its high enough that my toes can barley touch the floor all my weight it on my pussy lips I close my eyes as I try to balance to get the pressure off of my pussy you tie me so I can’t move. Getting up you walk slowly to your car when your there you see the two men still struggling to control me “want her in the trunk?” you nod as they throw me there my hands and feet tied. I lie in the darkness trying to undo my arms from the ties.

Read Gay Studs Arishu! - Touhou project Chubby Arishu!

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Izuku midoriya
Horny hairy big tits an heels my 4 favs
Thx for the name