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#171812 - Betty then said well let’s find out! we are not going anywhere are we I didn’t know what I had let myself in for as I said I’m going nowhere, Betty said Jenny do you want to go first as Doris has had it be for Doris said go on Jenny you will love it its big and fills you up he might be young but he certainly knows how to make a girl happy I don’t know if you have had many orgasms but he will make you really have a good one he’s never failed me, Betty said I can hardly wait! I’ve never had one with a man only when I do it to myself with my hands. In we went it started okay then it went on to truth or dare all right at first then one girl said to another one as a dare show Derek your fanny it was one of the twins she said I will if my sister dos it as well they both did both took their panties of and showed me their little hairless pussys a little slit between their legs another girl said it’s not fair we should all show him and they all took their panties of nine hairless pussys facing

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Momoha odori
So pretty face and eyes
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