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#302704 - 000. The police took my statement and the rego of the car, they found the driver the next day, the boys father came to see me the following afternoon, he was quite well known in the area, and very wealthy, there was nothing he could do about the charges the police had laid, but he did not want the media circus to hound his family to hell, so he offered to cover all medical bills and give us $50. My daughter had a fractured pelvis and massive damaged in the vaginal area, she would require operations over the next couple of months when she was strong enough, they said she would probably never be able to have kids, sex when she was older may be a problem as well as the whole area would have to be rebuilt, but otherwise she was Ok, I on the other hand had a number of fractures and breaks in different areas of my spine, more than likely I would never be able to move again, it was a bitter pill to take.

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She is so fucking sexy
Satone shichimiya
I laughed way too hard at this