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#149244 - Jessica says What's so funny? and her youngest son says Oh it's nothing, we just both remembered a funny story a friend told us , Jessica says this stupid robe, my back still itches, then she stand up and takes off her robe revealing a tiny black bra and black thong underwear and she says could you scratch my back again please? . Jessica smiles, laughs and says Wow why so much heart warming affection all of the sudden? she then says Well to be honest I could use a shoulder massage and a foot massage Her youngest son sits on the couch and says Come and sit over here mom between my legs, I can massage you you with all 3 arms . Her oldest son says Yeah it does but it's not like we can just take off our shorts and she says Why not? it's not like I've never seen them before, I used to bath you remember? go ahead both of take them off if it's hurting you .

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