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#369918 - Tommy said that he had some sun block in his back pack so we should take time out and apply to each other, We took off our back packs , Tommy first smothered lotion on my back and shoulders and caringly rubbed it in, That is when I first started feeling that bulge in my shorts starting to tingle. I then said boldly “ hey, why don’t we take off our shorts and hike awhile naked with just our shoes and backpacks on, Tommy of course said what a great idea, it is just too hot to be wearing clothes today, As we took off our shorts , I noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear and had no hair down there at all, even I had a couple of hairs by now, I commented how I shouldn’t have worn underwear either because of the hot day.

Read Calle Namaiki!imo~to titi iya~| 傲慢妹妹!乳年快樂 Short Namaiki!imo~to titi iya~| 傲慢妹妹!乳年快樂

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Yuuki momose
Omg she is so beautiful
Rin kokonoe
Any more of her
Ichirin kumoi
Damn i cant describe it any better what a lucky man
Eika ichijo
She so fucking sexy