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#305527 - She felt her way up to the fridge where milk was kept she poured herself a nice big glass which she had got down from a cupboard and drank it there so people wouldn’t see any glasses missing from the kitchens! Hermione left the kitchen and made her way back up the Hogwarts staircases once again going as quite as a mouse. She sat there for what felt like hours until she realized that she had a friend on campus who could give her a place to stay! Her good friend Hagrid! She began to walk down to Hagrids shack and quickly put realized that it was after hours and Hagrid was now a teacher so it was going to be difficult to explain to him how she had got into the mess! She decided to make up some bullshit story about how she got kicked out of the common room because she had been intruding on their fun and how she couldn’t get back in so she need a place to stay! She got to Hagrids door and began to fake cry something she had mastered when she was younger! It was very cold out so it

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