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#31688 - Why be upset over something I chose to do, If I didn't agree to let them roast me your sweet tasting pussy would be going on that spit Ranma replied as he finally got one blow in on a distracted Akane causing her to fall flat on the ground, Akane, Akane, you alright?? Ranma called running to her side, Im ok Ranma Akane answered as Ranma knelt down beside her and lifted her head into her arms. Ohh Kuno baby why don’t you come over here with that big tool and use it on me Ranma said in a very sexy voice, Ranma what are you saying? Akane whispered into Ranma's ear, Well everyone keeps telling me im a girl now so I might as well act the part and see if I can enjoy this Ranma replied as Kuno got onto the bed and started to touch Ranma's body starting with her breast's, this caused Ranma to shudder slightly and then moving down to her stomach leaning into kiss her, Ohh I cant wait anymore Kuno said as he got between Ranma's legs and pushed the head

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