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#213906 - He said'' that i have a stomach virus'' and he prescribed me some antibiotics. Yo catch and i threw it at her face and her nose totally exploded i walked out of her room and saw that Racheal was in her room listening to music and then the call came from downstairs dinnah is ready the butler said so i went down stairs ahead of everyone and he served me some big bird at the table her dad asked hillary what happened to her nose and her mum asked constantine or whatever her name was what he did all day and he said he couldnt remember and before hillary could tell that i had thrown a basketball in her face i ran over the table and whispered to her that id do any favour for her if she didnt tell so she didnt tell and her dad said jeff what did you say to her and i said a secert anyways i finished mt meal and her dad saud there are no secerts among family in this house and i siad what about you and bob and laughed and ran upstairs but before i got to the top s

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