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#331006 - While she had enthusiastically sucked her first cock in half a year, her cunt was now totally wired and ready to explode, and since the oral devotion she had bestowed on Jud had only fanned the flame that burned in her loins, she lay back down in her bunk and let her fingers bury themselves in a very squishy cunt!!! As she lay there jerking her clit, and thinking about the load of cum she had swallowed just moments before, her cell mate, Cindy whispered hoarsely, You gonna finally let me do it for you honey, my mouth can do you just as well as you did him!?! In the six months she had been in prison, Donna had rebuffed all of the advances of her cell mate, but now, at this moment, the thought of having a mouth on her pussy was just too much, and in low voice she replied, Okay, but make it quick, I'm hot as a fucking fire cracker!!! In what seemed like just a second, Cindy scrambled off the top bunk and plopped her mouth directly against her very wet vagina! Donna made an oomph

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