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#344326 - He didn’t know how long his Mother had been sucking on him for, but he already felt the familiar feeling of his ball about to be evacuated, he gritted his teeth and gave out a groan as he felt his cum shoot up his dick and fly out of his head, Sue stopped bobbing her head but continued to suck, she wanted his cum in her belly, all of it. “Mum, I want to cum, but I’ve got nothing left. ” He kissed her once more and gave her breast another squeeze before letting her go, she stepped back and his cock flung back up hitting him hard in the belly, he watched as she sat onto the couch and opened her legs wide for him, she placed her hand on her thighs and glided her nails up and down leaving little red marks, Charles dropped to his knees and brought his nose close to her pussy, he took a deep breath and took her scent as deep into his being as possible.

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