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#294113 - Thinking as she stared up and down her body seeing that only those big puffy nipples stood up and a deep desire shot through her at the thought of what soon would happen to them would make them far far far more filled outward, far far more swollen upward, and damn sure knew from her past sacrifices of young things like tthat each sting of the ritual wasp into those would make it far far far more stronger in it's potiont and make this young thing go crazy. As further and further the venom cursed Amie's body and mind into world of heated fiery hot lustfull desire,her dillusional dreamy world state had her in a trance of such heated lust watching her own body and mind soccumb to it all even as she was far out into the dreaming spiritual world of it all she saw how her pussy was all flowered out at the lips her clit she'd never seen was fully extended like a small little prick that hung out hard as rock oh the throbbing of it combined with her pussies made her scream

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