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#217299 - M y tears welled up and my body shook and shivered, as the situation sunk in, half drunk and in shock , i felt the hands removing whatever dignity i had left then i felt the tail being gently pushed into my anal cavity, tears streaming down my face and no fight in me just terror and shame. A smile split Joans Mouth, her eyes were full of mischief as she slowly removed my halter and the steel bit from my mouth, saying softly, the champ loves a good blow job after he wins a race , and i think you are just the filly to satisfy him, then slipped her hands behind me and slid a finger deep into my very wet slit, i shuddered and jumped forward just as Mandy offered his massive cock into my face ,the end of his now hardening cock glistened with moisture and i could almost smell the smell of perfume and the faintest hint if i didn't know better of my favorite perfume . pleased to meet you I am Joans friend and partner in crime Amanda, mmm you can just call me Mandy , i hope to see a lot

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Sure i get horny and need to jerk off but those are the only escapes from the reality i want her back as soon as i nut i immediately want her back and i wanna still marry her it s been 2 years since she broke my heart and i still can t let go of the fact she was apart of me and now i can t fill that empty void she helped me fill