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#7462 - The boys entered the room walking quietly; they were petrified with all the things they were seeing, men and women inside isolation tanks with tubes connected to their cocks and pussies and nipples; another extra pair of thick wires were coming out of their navels and ass. “Oh fuck! I can’t hold it any longer” - responded the obese man as he was cumming inside the juicy pussy of her wife, he was releasing all that young and fresh new seed inside her wife, they could feel how the genetic material of two strangers was mixing. You entered a private zone and if didn’t read the letter it says we are authorized to do anything we want with intruders, so your friend and you have now become our new specimens, you are doomed here boy” - responded the obese man with a sinister laugh “No, let me go! you crazy freak, we won’t tell anyone about this place I swear, just let me go with my friend!” – replied with tears on his face and his voice sounded quite desperate.

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