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#32296 - one thought was dress like you want her to know what she can have, so i picked the shortest skirt that still had a little modesty and the most sexy clingiest top i had, damn i thought as i looked in the mirror my nipples showed through large and hard, smiling i picked out my new nipple rings and replace the studs, then lifting my skirt i looked at the ring through my clit, another smile, as i reached for my thong i suddenly thought why bother,, let her see what i have to offer,any way i am sure she has seen me at work giving her the odd subtle flash with out panties, I arrived at her place a little early, but as i drove up she was sitting waiting, as i got out the car i heard her say wow you look nice honey but i think you should change your shoes for heels , every one wears them and you don't wont to be the odd one out. I locked the door ,showered and waited and waited and waited, sitting alone with just a wet towel around me i started to worry , i opened the door and peered out th

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